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Hello. What would cause an account to be blocked? Excessive activity?
One of our clients was notified that their Auth0 account was blocked. (It was not from too many failed login attempts) They were able to unblock it on their own. I know there is a setting where I can block a user however is there a setting that can set a threshold of when an account is blocked?


Hi @john.tram,

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Usually, blocked accounts are due to Auth0’s Attack Protection features. In this case, I suspect that Auth0’s Brute-Force protection feature blocked your end-user. When Brute Force protection blocks these users, an email is sent to them to unblock themselves.

Regarding your question on setting the login threshold, you can do so by configuring the Login Threshold option in the Brute Force Protection settings.

You may find our documentation on Configuring Brute Force useful:

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to help.

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