Passwodless and Touch ID authentication for Ios application

We are Itexus company, located in Belarus.

Recently a problem with Passwordless authentication occurred. This problem is outlined here (
Currently we are developing an app in which it was decided to use Passwordless authentication. We understand that in accordance with information provided here (Passwordless Connections) this feature is disabled now.
Thus we kindly ask you to advise us:

  1. When do you plan to enable the feature? Will it have “Face Id” for Apple Iphone 8+, and “Touch ID” for Apple Iphone 7-?
  2. Whether it’ll be possible to discuss the option of enabling the feature for our app?
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To my knowledge, although I’ve seen discussions around supporting some additional passwordless flows which are currently not supported, I don’t believe there’s anything planned with regards to TouchID or said it another way, you can use TouchID or FaceID in your own application as additional guard when accessing the credentials/tokens that resulted of an end-user authentication.

In addition, you can already perform passwordless using SMS or email through the hosted login page so an iOS application could leverage that and then use TouchID to secure the tokens; this is illustrated in this sample.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for TouchID authentication then the current answer for your first question is that, to my knowledge, there are no plans. Regarding your second point, if the above approach of using any other supported authentication method (including SMS/email passwordless) through the hosted login page and then further require TouchID as part of the process to use the resulting credentials is not sufficient for your use case then you should update your question with the exact requirements and some context around why they can’t be met with the current feature surface.