Passkey Terraform Config

Hi there. We are testing Passkey feature. And we do use terraform configuration for our Auth0 tennant. And I haven’t found how to enable/disable this feature via terraform here.
Is it possible to enable PassKey for connection via terraform?

Hi @oleksii.dmytrenko , welcome to Auth0!

I looked at our docs on terraform and don’t see any reference about enabling passkey in a connection.

But I can see that this can be done programatically via the management API by setting

"authentication_methods": {
      "password": {
        "enabled": true
      "passkey": {
        "enabled": true

in the PATCH request.

In terraform, can you maybe try adding to the options object “passkey=true” and let us know?

If that will fail, I will also ask the relevant engineering team on our side.

And a heads up (general note about passkey and auth) - Passkeys for Auth0 Database Connections

Hi @marcelina.barycka. Thanks for your reply!
Yes I have seen it in the management API.
I even tried to use response from API as a reference for TF config. It looked like this:

authentication_methods {
      passkey {
        enabled = true
      password {
        enabled = true

passkey_options {
  challenge_ui = "both"
  local_enrollment_enabled = true
  progressive_enrollment_enabled = true

but it didn’t work. Both of these objects were rejected as not supported.

And just now I tried to use your suggestion with passkey = true but it didn’t work either.

Error: Unsupported argument

  on line 41, in resource "auth0_connection" "connection-name":
  41:     passkey = true

An argument named "passkey" is not expected here.
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Hi @oleksii.dmytrenko , thank you for documenting your steps and results.

To confirm whether it’s supported / how to set this up, I brought this internally to our engineering folks. Will update you asap.

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Hi @oleksii.dmytrenko , I got the clarification:

Currently - unfortunately not supported.
Once the passkey reach the General Availability phase, which is planned for around Jan 31st, the Auth0 Terraform Provider team will put this functionality to their plate and more precise timeline will be specified.

Hope this approx. timeline will help you with planning!

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Thanks for the info!

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