Passing data from Action to the consuming client app


I am using a action which Auth0 provides and was wondering if there is any way to pass data from the Action right back to the app that is configured. I am not looking at setting metadata or something but want to pass back an object to the app post login/registration from the action. This data is basically coming from an API call to an external system. Instead of first logging-in and then shooting the call from the app, I was thinking of using Actions to streamline this. If this is not the right approach, I am open to hearing the best practice for such a use-case. Thanks in advance!

Hi @nikhil-varma

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May I ask what that external system is? and what kind of data are you trying to send back to your app ? An example will be a great start.

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Hey @jeff0 Thanks for the quick reply!

I have a Swell account and am calling an API to get Swell subscription inside the Post Login action. I was thinking to get the subscription object obtained from Swell right after the user logs-in into the app via the Action so that I can control related UI functionality.

Hi @nikhil-varma

You can pass the custom claims in a session token to your app. Follow this guide on how to Action Session Token

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Thanks for helping on this one Jeff!

Thanks @jeff0 Will try it out

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