Pagination for Organization Invitations and Members with node-auth0 v4.1.0

Hello, I’m trying to implement pagination for retrieving invitations and members within an organization. I’m currently using the management API in node-auth0 v4.1.0 and I’d appreciate it if someone can clarify this for me:

The docs point out that checkpoint pagination MUST be used if retrieving more than 1,000 members using the getMembers method.

However, for retrieving invitations using the getInvitations method, the docs do not specify whether or not checkpoint pagination must be used if you want to retrieve more than 1,000 invitations (it only points out that the getInvitations method takes in the optional properties page, per_page, and include_totals).

The docs I’m referencing: OrganizationsManager | auth0

Can someone confirm if checkpoint pagination must be used (or if it’s even possible) for the getInvitations method in order to retrieve more 1,000 invitations?

If checkpoint pagination is not required, does this mean I am able to retrieve more than 1,000 invitations by using just the page and per_page properties?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @simon17

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

I’ve just checked with the Management API docs and get invitation to organization method supports pagination → Auth0 Management API v2. I would recommend to use pageination when dealing with large datasets to don’t encounter limitations.