Override passwordless email recipient for testing purposes


Is it possible to send OTP emails for all users to a single mailbox?
Such a setting would be handy on test environments.

Some background:
On test environment we have users connected to actual mailboxes.
We are going to migrate the users form “password authentication” to “passwordless over email”.

This will result in OTP emails being sent to actual mailboxes.
We would like to override this behavior in test environments and send all OTP emails to a single dedicated mailbox shared to the whole team.


Hi @dariusz.halecki ,

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As far as I know, we can not send all passwordless OTP emails to a single mailbox. At least, this is not something that can be configured on the Auth0 dashboard.

If you need this feature, please create a feedback here and click “Vote”. Our Product team monitors those items closely and might increase the priority for items with enough engagement.


Thanks for your quick help!
For now we will solve this without the extra feature.

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Thank you for letting us know!