Organizations + isAuthenticated() not working

Hi all,

I had Auth0 working when I wasn’t using Organizations but now that I’ve enabled Organizations using the login flow “Prompt for Credentials”, the isAuthenticated() function keeps returning false.

I’m generally having quite a few issues with Organizations as at first I tried using the “No Prompt” flow but it kept returning the error: “Organization is required for this client” but I was passing the Organization ID through like this:

auth0_spa.loginWithRedirect({ organization: import.meta.env?.VITE_AUTH0_ORG })

I’m assuming the “No Prompt” flow is required when wanting to show different logo’s and brand colours?

My app is a Vue.js SPA SaaS platform that is deployed on multiple on sub-domains for businesses to use.

I’m currently working on localhost and nothing Auth0 related has been deployed.

I’m using a combination of the Auth0 SPA and Vue SDK as a lot of the Vue functions I require only work in components.