Organization sign up

Hi, this is very similar to the issue posted here, but didn’t want to pollute their thread in case our use-cases or route differed.

When I try to redirect a user to the UL signup page with an organization from a React app:

loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint:"signup", organization:"example_org_id" });

The following error is returned, so I can see it’s not supported for signup:

error=invalid_request error_description=Signup is not allowed with organizations

We’re planning to have a single tenant containing multiple organizations, each organizations will have its own separate white-labelled version of a website. The organizations will be predefined, so never created dynamically on signup, etc.

So a user will signup and login to a single organization, where both UIs will be branded to that organization. The only users who may span multiple organizations will be admins or support staff.

The “new experience” UL supports customising the Login for organizations while keeping all the features, but how do I achieve the same for signup?

I’ve read one option is to create a completely custom signup UI and hit the API directly, but ideally we’d make use of the same features provided out of the box by the default/non-organization signup form, e.g. “continue with google”, MFA, automatically updated with any Auth0 releases, etc.

Any advice on the best approach would be appreciated - thanks

Hi @dev.rnm,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This does look like a very similar use-case to the one you linked. I am going to point you to that thread. It sounds like we don’t have a feature that covers this at the moment, and having it centralized helps keep the feedback organized.