Organization name in change password email template

I want to use the organization name in the change password email template but when I add it with the liquid syntax I don’t see anything when I send the email. I was wondering is possible to use organization details in the change password email template?

Hey @vladimir.bulatovic - this worked for me… if the end-user clicks “Forgot Password” on an Organization login prompt (1st picture), the liquid variables (2nd pic) will be available to the email template…

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Hey @adam.housman ,
Thank you for your response. It works when I click on the login prompt but when I send an email from my application via API it doesn’t work.

Hi @vladimir.bulatovic ,

Are you calling this endpoint from your application ?!/Tickets/post_password_change - If so, are you sending the organization_id ?

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Hi @Marcos_Castany ,

Thank you for your response. I was calling this endpoint Authentication API Explorer because this endpoint sends an email to the user. I saw that there is no option for this endpoint to add organization_id as payload.

Hi @vladimir.bulatovic - The Authentication API change password endpoint doesn’t currently allow you to send Organization. I’d recommend using the MGMT API endpoint if you need to send reset password emails to end-users from your application that contain Organization branding. Noting that you’ll need a backend & confidential MGMT API client to do that.


Thanks for helping on this one team!

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