Email verification job created with organization_id provided. However the organization parameters are not available


I am trying to use machine-to-machine API to invoke /jobs/verification-email endpoint to send an email to a pending user. I provided the user’s organization_id in the request payload:

  "user_id": "auth0|user_id",
  "organization_id": "org_abc123xyz"

And then the user successfully received an email. However, according to the API doc:

(Optional) Organization ID – the ID of the Organization. If provided, organization parameters will be made available to the email template and organization branding will be applied to the prompt. In addition, the redirect link in the prompt will include organization_id and organization_name query string parameters.

But in my case neither organization_id or organization_name is available in the email template. Also the redirect link does not contain organization related data in the query string parameters. In addition, what does the “prompt” mean here? The prompt for email verification? I think if a Redirect To value is provided in the email template, there’s no prompt shown.

Thank you!