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On the fly user lock for some websites


I have multiple websites(let’s say 10), on which a user can authenticate. The user may not have access to all of them, let’s say he has access only to 5 of them.
I have seen that there is some sort of implementation with Auth0Lock that may help in this case.
I’m using .netCore as a development language and I couldn’t find any example on how to implement Auth0Lock with .netCore.

Can this task be resolved in another way, than with Auth0Lock? If yes how?

Please let me know if you need additional details.
Thank you,


@radu.pop1 I may need some more details, but let me take a swing at this. Lock is nothing more than a UI widget for logging in. This use case is a bit more involved and contains SSO requirements and authorization policies of some sort.

If I were to implement this I would use Universal Login ( Then when the user needs to login the applications would redirect the user to /authorize page.

I am sure this doesn’t answer all of the question, but it might be a good way to start the conversation. Let me know if you have any follow ups.


At least made me understand that I was on a wrong path:)

Thank you a lot. I will look into it more and if I will have a solution or better details I will let you know thank you.


Awesome just follow up here if any questions jump out.