Okta Workforce Group assignment


We are migrating from JumpCloud to Okta. Auth0 is configured with JumpCloud using SAML where as Okta is configured using Okta Workforce. Two applications (Audience Manager and Campaign Creator) currently use Auth0 with JumpCloud. They also rely on users being a member of specific JumpCloud groups to grant access. These are passed from JumpCloud to Auth0 as part of the memberOf identity provider attribute.

JumpCloud: The Auth0 is configured with SAML, and the users get assigned to applications using JumpCloud groups. In JumpCloud there is an option for “include group attribute” which allows memberOf functionality. For example, if a user gets added to the Audience Manager group in JumpCloud, he/she can access the Audience manager application.

Okta: We configured the Okta Workforce integration with Auth0 and the authentication works as expected, the only problem is that we cannot have the group access feature. Expectations are that if a user is added to an Okta group, he/she should get access to the specific Auth0 application.

Can you please guide us on how can we achieve the desired functionality? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.