OIDC Issuer is Non-Compliant


When trying to create an OpenID Connect connection, options.issuer error appears.


The issuer in the discovery document is non-compliant with OIDC standards:

“issuer”: “urn:XXXX:XXX”


This issuer format is non-compliant with OIDC standards and not supported by Auth0’s validation schema, which is enforced across all environments. More details can be found here.

Issuer Identifier

Verifiable Identifier for an Issuer. An Issuer Identifier is a case-sensitive URL using the https scheme that contains scheme, host, and optionally, port number and path components and no query or fragment components. There is no workaround for this case.

Please check if the Identity Provider offers other authentication options/protocol, as usually, the issuer format is typically used in SAML authentication.