Auth0 SAML IdP: set the issuer to a URL-based format in the metadata

Problem statement

We have set the issuer attribute in our application’s SAML add-on settings to a URL. And this is reflected in the entity ID in the SAML response.

However, the IdP metadata XML provided by Auth0 still returns the default issuer, that is, in URN format. Are we able to change the metadata issuer as well?


  • The issuer attribute is set in the SAML2 web add-on settings.
  • The entity ID in the SAML response reflects the issuer setting as expected, but the issuer in the metadata URL provided by Auth0 still includes the default URN-formatted issuer.


The entity ID format is hardcoded and not configurable. You need to manually replace the entity ID in the metadata once it is downloaded before configuring it in the service provider.

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