Custom OIDC Enterprise Connection

Hi, I’m trying to create a custom OIDC enterprise connection to enable Service provider initated SSO for when a customer authenticates with our web application.

Our customer has set up the IdP on their end with redirect URI I’ve provided. However, when trying to create the enterprise connection with the issuer URL containing the .well-known/openid-configuration I receive the error:

Something happened while trying to create your connection: “options.issuer” is required

While I can’t share the openid-configuration given by the customer I can see that there is an issuer key value pair included in the json. Could anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?

When I take a look at this post: Issuer metadata error when creating a new connection via the Management API I think I might have a similar issue. In the openid-configuration given by the customer, the issuer field is not nested within an options parent. Maybe I have to create this enterprise connection with the management API and not through the UI in order to correctly populate the issuer field within an options parent field?