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OIDC Dynamic Client Registration - Token Introspection URL

Hello team,

Please find the below screenshot, indicating the mandatory information to be provided for the setup of OIDC Dynamic Client Registration in the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

As you would see, OIDC Dynamic Client Registration configuration insists on the need for an “Token Introspection URL” (the API resource - “/oauth2/introspect”). The purpose of this “Token Introspection URL” is to validate the token with the Auth0 server.

It is my understanding though that Auth0 does not provide a “Token introspection URL” such as “/oauth2/introspect”.

Please advise if this is correct, if yes then please advise the recommended approach.

Thank you.

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If i am getting correct all these information are available in the token you received after the login is successfully. If you decode the token you will get all this data.

Hello @savio.a.mascarenhas. Auth0 does not currently provide a token introspection service.


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You can submit it as a feature request using our product feedback form. One of our product managers should reach out back to you within 10 business days. Here’s the form:

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