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Office 365/Azure AD login hint not updated


Office 365/Azure AD login hint is not updated when navigating back from Office 365/Azure AD login screen to Auth0 login screen.

Steps to reproduce:

1)	Enter a single-signon username/email in Auth0 login screen for your application and click Login
2)	Notice that email address is displayed on Office 365/Azure AD "Enter password" page
3) 	Click browser "Back" button to return to Auth0 login screen
4)	Enter a new username/email address in Auth0 login screen and click login
5)	Notice that the email address specified in Step 1) is displayed on Office 365/Azure AD "Enter password" page

Investigating the URL parameters, I notice that login_hint is set to the first email address.

Causing some confusion for some of our users.

Any configuration that needs to be changed in Auth0 for this to work?


Hi @ottar. What version of Lock are you using? I reported a similar issue and it was fixed around v11.9.


My application is using Auth0 Hosted Pages. When reporting this problem, the Login page was configured with Auth0 Lock version 10.8.

I’ve now upgraded the hosted page markup to use 11.6.1.

As far as I can see, the problem still exists.

Here is the markup I’m using:

// Decode utf8 characters properly var config = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(escape(window.atob('@@config@@')))); config.extraParams = config.extraParams || {}; var connection = config.connection; var prompt = config.prompt; var languageDictionary; var language; if (config.dict && config.dict.signin && config.dict.signin.title) { languageDictionary = { title: config.dict.signin.title }; } else if (typeof config.dict === 'string') { language = config.dict; } var loginHint = config.extraParams.login_hint; var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, { auth: { redirectUrl: config.callbackURL, responseType: (config.internalOptions || {}).response_type || config.callbackOnLocationHash ? 'token' : 'code', params: config.internalOptions }, assetsUrl: config.assetsUrl, allowedConnections: connection ? [connection] : null, rememberLastLogin: !prompt, language: language, languageDictionary: languageDictionary, theme: { logo: 'https://[domain]', primaryColor: '#023F55' }, prefill: loginHint ? { email: loginHint, username: loginHint } : null, closable: false, // uncomment if you want small buttons for social providers // socialButtonStyle: 'small' });;

This was solved by upgrading to version 11.12.1.

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