Objective-C integration

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I have a four years old Objective-C project, Is there any chance to use Auth0 swift library in it?


Hey there!

Unfortunately as most of our users base in terms of iOS use Swift we don’t offer support for Objective-C. There is also no option to use our Swift SDKs inside Objective-C projects as the SDK don’t have appropriate bridging headers for that and there is no plan to add that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The only option to achieve that would be to reverse-engineer it a bit and build the UI of your system yourself with Objective-C and then add authentication and management using our Authentication and Management APIs making appropriate API calls. Here are the APIs:


Never mind, I use Swift too … if it is possible … :slight_smile:

Of course it is :slight_smile:

Here are the quickstarts and SDKs:

Yes, I know this documentation … but in this ObjC project doesn’t help too much. :frowning:

I think we misunderstood each other :slight_smile: We don’t have any content on Objective-C any longer but we do have on Swift. If you have an Objective-C project we’re not able to help as our Swift stack doesn’t offer Bridging Headers to use Swift stack in Objective-C projects using Objective-C. If you are willing to use Swift then we have the resources for you :slight_smile: Hope we’re on the same point now :slight_smile:

Generally, I am working with Swift, but this is a four years old legacy project, so I must use Objective-C. (My misunderstandable answer referred to this fact) :slight_smile:

As you mentioned earlier you don’t have Bridging Headers, so that was the answer what I was looking for in the original question.

So, thank you again.

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Gotchya! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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