MacOS Native SDK

Is there an example of Auth0 integration for MacOS in Swift? I don’t want to use web based UI, any help very much appreciated, Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, @gary.brook! welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Have you tried looking at our quickstarts for Native/Mobile apps? there are some good examples of how to integrate Auth0 with Swift/Android/Cordova/React and more.
You can take a look here
Hope you find this helpful!

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Hi Karen,
Thanks for the reply, I did look there and other places and cant find a MacOS example in swift, I see the iOS but not Mac
Thanks again,

Hey there we don’t have explicit MacOS SDK. Can you tell me a little bit more about your usecase so we can potentially suggest you another tool of ours? Thank you!

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I have a windows application that uses Auth0 (Native sdk), simply used just to authenticate uses. We have built a MacOS version and want to use the same backend system to authenticate but not using a webview, native sdk like the windows. Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Gotchya then unfortunately we don’t have such SDK. Basically the only thing I can recommend right here is hitting certain endpoints from our Authentication API to authenticate users. It requires more code logic to be implemented from your side and of course developing the whole UI stuff yourself. Here it is:

Thanks for your help

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No worries! We’re here for you!