Oauth workflow after prior successful authentication

Hi, I am trying to implement letting my users add a variable number of additional oAuth social network connections AFTER they have logged in via auth0. So the user logs in via auth0, and is using the app. At some point, they choose to connect the app to some other oauth based apis. I am hoping to use the auth0 setup to show consent and get access tokens - not do a full re-authentication.

Is this possible? I am struggling to know how to search for this use case. I am using the react-native library GitHub - auth0/react-native-auth0: React Native toolkit for Auth0 API

Any direction would be super helpful!


OK, I figured out how to do what I want. I was more or less just confused about how the the sdk can function. You can pass the name of the connection to the web.authorize call, which will let the user directly authenticate against the specific service, which will allow you to get the access keys.

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Perfect! Glad you have figured it out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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