November Community Top Active Users

Most Active Community Users: November Edition

Hey there everyone! Here are our TOP Contributors for the past month! The awards go to:

  1. @rvdberg
  2. @veroca
  3. @r.cauquil

Thanks to all of you for your awesome and valuable contributions & questions to our community! We’re gonna contact you via community forum DM to confirm your email and get your address so we can ship you SWAG! :tada:

Congrats once again to all the winners from last month and we hope to see you in the next month!


Hey @dan.woda do new users get swag bags too feeling left out.


Hey there @tonye!

We wish they had but world isn’t that perfect :slight_smile:

@tonye :laughing:

You can always try for December’s top active users… :wink:

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about the program.

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