'Not found' error on callback URL in Android app

Problem statement

I’m trying to get Auth0 working in my Android app, but when I log in I see a ‘Not found’ message in the top left corner of an otherwise blank page.


The URL of this error page is the callback URL included in the allowed callback list as per the instructions, however it is using the https scheme and not a custom scheme for mobile. Mobile browsers tend to block redirects when using an https scheme leading to a “Not found” page.


Instead of using an https scheme in the callback URL, any custom scheme that is not http or https should work. A unique scheme would be ideal.

For example, if you were to use a custom scheme like “demo://” used in our Android quickstart, you would then want to check you application code to make sure you have “.withScheme(“demo”)” set within login functions as shown here:

Also be sure to include “” in the AndroidManifest.xml set here:

General setup instructions can be found here: