Not authenticated after reload page (Angular 9 + auth0-spa-js)

Hi, i’m stuck on re-authenticating whenever single-page-app is reloaded.
I’ve followed the angular quickstart spa tutorial and double-check tutorial, it happen also with sample app
What i checked

What can i check?
Thanks in advance

Hi @303pix,

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This is often an issue with cookies.

  • Try in an incognito/private browsing window?
  • Try a different browser (what browser are you using? safari often has issues)
  • Check if you are blocking 3rd party cookies in settings/extensions

Let me know what you find.


Hi Dan
Thanks! Chrome and Edge work fine… it was Brave with his default protection (cross site tracking i suppose). When i turned off Brave protection work as expected!

Thanks again

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Glad that solved it!

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