Not allowed to set certain flags for particular tenant


I’m using auth0-deploy-cli to deploy configurations to multiple tenants. However, for one of the tenants (I am the admin user), it threw me following error:

    error: You are not allowed to set flag 'include_email_in_reset_pwd_redirect' for this tenant.

Same error occurs for include_email_in_verify_email_redirect flag as well.
Here is a snippet of the tenant section of the yaml config:

  default_redirection_uri: @@TENANT_DEFAULT_REDIRECTION_URI@@
    - en
    new_universal_login_experience_enabled: true
    universal_login: true
    disable_clickjack_protection_headers: false
    include_email_in_reset_pwd_redirect: true
    include_email_in_verify_email_redirect: true
  friendly_name: @@FRIENDLY_NAME@@
  picture_url: @@PICTURE_URL@@
  support_email: @@SUPPORT_EMAIL@@
  support_url: ''

Since all other tenants was able to be deployed with same configurations with no errors. I wonder what could be the cause of this error. Is there any prerequisite for those flags?
Also I’m unable to find those configuration on Auth0 dashboard UI. Wonder where I can manually set those flags?

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Hey there!

Can I ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue here:

so we can work directly on it with the repo maintainers? Make sure to share the link to the issue here with us so we can ping the tool maintainers. Thank you!