Not a valid Win32 FileTime when authenticating with ADFS

I’m trying out Auth0 with ADFS using the SPA SDK, Universal login and an ADFS connector.

When I’m already authenticated in ADFS, and I select “continue with ADFS”, I’m redirected to my SPA correctly and I see the correct user profile.

However, when I’m not already authenticated (I’m being redirected to the ADFS login screen (correctly)) I enter my credentials in ADFS I’m presented with this error:

Encountered error during federation passive request.

Additional Data

Protocol Name:

Relying Party:

Exception details:
Microsoft.IdentityServer.RequestFailedException: MSIS7012: An error occurred while processing the request. Contact your administrator for details. —> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Not a valid Win32 FileTime.
Parameter name: fileTime
at System.DateTime.FromFileTimeUtc(Int64 fileTime)

It’s ADFS 2 on Windows Server 2016 and I have configured as instructed on

I have checked and the server is using NTP.

I’d just like to verify whether this is an issue on my SPA or Auth0’s side, or with the ADFS server (because it works fine when I’m already authenticated in ADFS).

Any pointers? Thanks!

Hey there @vashist.s, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Looking into this I don’t see any previous related challenges assoicated with the same error. In fact as I start to dig around it looks this has the possibility to be connected with your ADFS server which this thread on Microsoft tries to go into solving. However if you find that does not produce a solution, please open a support case with us so we can gather more details from your setup. Thanks in advance!

One of those cases … the issue disappeared, but nobody knows why.

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Understandable @vashist.s, we will keep the topic open for two weeks just in case you see the issue comeback up!

Thanks for your input.
We are close to making a decision. There is one scenario the we are not sure of yet.
I hope I’m allowed to link topics this way. I described it here:

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