Normalized user profile not showing up when I "try" a social connection

I tried searching but didn’t find my answer, so here I am…

I have two Auth0 accounts. One I set up when I was just learning web development and another one for an actual app I’m building for someone.

When I “try” a social connection (Google, in this case), I’m getting two different profiles returned depending on which Auth0 account I’m logged into.

My “learning” account (created using my Google credentials) returns this profile when I “try” the Google social connection. This is the normalized profile I want it to return:

The new account (created using an email and password) returns this profile when I “try” the Google social connection. The profile has less information. Specifically, it’s missing the “identities” section:

I’ve looked at all the settings between the two accounts and I can’t figure out why they’re returning different profiles. Any ideas on what I can do to have the new account return the Normalized user profile?


:wave: @chrisjxn when you say you have a “learning account” and one for an app you are building, do you mean you signed up for an Auth0 account one with your Google account and one with a username/password combination? Were the accounts created around the same time? Can you please check the OIDC settings for the application you’re testing on ?

Hi Kim - Thanks for the reply. Yes, I signed up for one Auth0 account with my Google account (October 2017) and another account using a username/password (March 2018). As far as I can tell, all the app and tenant settings are the same (incl. OIDC Conformant is turned off for both apps).

The only difference I see between the two accounts is that under Tenant Settings --> Advanced, there’s a ‘Migrations’ section below the ‘Extensibility’ section that shows up on my personal account (the one that is pulling in the Normalized profile) that does not show up on the username/password account (the one that’s not pulling in the Normalized profile). That makes we wonder if the username/password account is somehow limited and thus not allowing the full Normalized profile to be returned.

The reason I set up a second account is so a client can access the Auth0 settings without having access to the rest of my apps. So the second account is really a client-specific account, not a second personal account.

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