Node 8 miogration notification

I’ve received the “Action Required: Auth0 Extensibility - Node 8 Migration” warning to migrate but need some way to identify what exactly is triggering the notifications and so needs to be fixed.

While the email provides a little more info than the notification in the portal (why?) and says which tenants are involved, as far as I am concerned I have no “Rules, Hooks, Custom DB scripts, and Custom Social Connection scripts”. I do have a custom hosted page but AFAIK there is no way to specify the node version.


also the tenants listed do no agree with those I see when trying to switch tenents. The names are slightly different and one is not there at all (I think I deleted it ).

@Steve_Lee I am not sure I can help with the mismatching tenant names, but maybe I can offer so thought on the reason why you are getting the email.

Each tenant has a setting a where you can select Node 4 or Node 8. By default your tenants are configured with Node 4. I believe, even if you do not have a rule, hook, or custom database setup having the tenant configured for Node 4 may be enough to trigger the alert. If you go to here: and then scroll down to Extensibility you can select Node 8 from the drop down and save. doing this for each tenant will be enough to stop those alerts.

That aside I think someone may have to chat with you directly to understand the tenant naming situation.

@jerdog do you think you can help out with the tenant name issue?

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@sgmeyer - aha yes it was set to node 4 (depreciated). If the notification said look there then I completely missed it. I changed it

I delete my other tenents as they are no longer needed so no need to respond :slight_smile: It seems the tenent name remains reserved (shame) and that might be why the email listed one that I could not see in my dashboard (needed a WHERE clause?)


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@steve_lee awesome feedback. I’ll let the notifications team know that we are sending messages out to admins of deleted tenants.

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