No tutorials on how to get and use authorization headers from logged in users? (VueJS, Vue-Apollo, Hasura, Auth0)

I have a VueJS frontend, that connects via vue-apollo/Hasura/Graphql to a postgres database, anyway I can login and logout using Auth0 and it’s reflected back in my database and on the frontend. However I don’t have any authorization headers - and I can’t find any tutorials on this part - or more likely I suspect I’m misunderstanding something and looking in the wrong places.

I mean it seems like such a fundamental part of the application but all of the tutorials I’ve seen are manually copy and pasting the token sent with the callback url into the hasura console to test if its working and then essentially saying job done.

I also don’t know what best practices are - do I request a token as the page loads, when I click a button, etc… Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is old territory.

Hi @cigoler,

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I don’t have much familiarity with apollo, but this blog shows how to set up a call with token verification in React + Apollo. Maybe this will help:

Let me know!

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