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Build a Collaborative Realtime Todo App Backend Using Hasura GraphQL

Learn how to build a working real-time backend for a to-do app using Hasura and GraphQL.

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Have you tried Hasura and GraphQL before? :eyes:

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Do you all have a link to the version of the sample app running in the live demo?

Seems like its been updated on the hasura repo so when we git clone it, I am not getting the same results. Thanks.

What is the practice using id token vs access token for hasura access?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ll be investigating this question and will provide you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for reading our blog and for joining our community!

Thank you for reading the blog post and for joining our community!

I apologize for the delayed reply. Let me bring up this question internally and communicate with the Hasura team. I will provide you an answer as soon as possible.

I checked with my team and I got an answer for you :slight_smile: The app wasn’t created specifically for the blog post. The blog post refers to a sample that Hasura has in their monorepo.

You can checkout out a commit that reflects the state of the app at the time the post was made as follows:

git clone 

cd graphql-engine/community/sample-apps/react-apollo-todo

git checkout f9fc0cc5e30644eaa73dc6507c52f0ebbb82af2e

Thank you for your time. Let me know if this works out well for you!

You can use either an ID token or Access token as long as it’s a JWT and contains the required Hasura claims. However, when the client is calling an API, you should use an access token. Here’s a document that can further explain this reasoning:

Let me know if you have any further questions, please :slight_smile: