No "connection with" button with new login experience


I want to offer the possibility to login to a Single-Page application either via auth0 user/password or via a SAML connection. I am using the new universal login experience.

I have done the following:

  • created a SAML connection to Okta using the certificate and url provided to me.
  • enabled the SAML connection in the Single-Page application.
  • enabled the connection button in the saml connection config.
  • enabled the SAML connection in the organization with auto membership.
  • turned on Identifier first authentication profile + Home Realm Discovery for “” so that emails “” would redirect them to Okta login.

If I try the universal login experience, I can see a “Continue with okta” button.
But If I go to my application login page, I still cannot see the “Continue with okta” button or I do not get redirected to okta if I enter a email.

What did I miss?


Without changing any configuration on our side, I noticed after logging our from our Single-Page application that after that the button started to appear and the connection with redirects to Okta.
Is there some sort of caching involved?
Let’s hope “new” users can see the button since they cannot logout if they can’t login :sweat_smile: