No company details on the invoice


I purchased a one-year subscription of essential today.
Despite the added company data (Company from Poland), the automatically generated invoice to email does not contain this data.
On the other hand, the invoice I download from Settings → Payment & Billing contains this data, but does not contain the invoice number that is on the invoice automatically generated to email (this one does not contain company data).

This is a problem for our accounting department.
How can we solve it?

Hi @EngineeringNextbike,

I suggest reaching out to our direct support channel at the Auth0 Support Center. They will be able to assist you with this.



thank you for your reply.
Where exactly can I find this direct support channel?
I was looking for it before, but I ended up here and thought this was the right place.

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Hi @EngineeringNextbike,

You can find the direct support channel at


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