No changePassword flow with new auth0-spa-js?

Hello Support/Community,

the old auth0-js library had a nice convenient method to change the Password, simply called changePassword. Why is that missing from the new spa library?

What is the proposed way to do it now? Are there plans to integrate that flow into the library?

Hi @schmaga,

The auth0-js password change flow is based of off this endpoint in the authentication api:

Using that would probably be the suggested method at this time. I’ll look into this further to confirm if/when it will be implemented as a function of spa-js.


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Thanks for the info, I now implemented it using a POST to that URL.

I am curious though, what are possible HTTP responses the server can send and how do I interpret them? Is there documentation for that?

Here are the standard error responses:

These are for the whole API, and not specific to that endpoint. I can’t find a doc for specific error for the endpoint, but It should be built off of the one linked above.

Hope this helps,

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