Nextjs/Auth0 error checks.state argument is missing

Hey everyone,

I have seen a few people having this issue before and they were able to get a solution to their problem. I have tried all of those solutions and none seem to work for me.

My app is made with Next.js and I’m using @auth0/nextjs-auth0. Hosted environment is on Azure App Service. I manage all my environment variables as Application Settings and have 3 different .env files for dev, staging and production. I build the static website in the Azure DevOps CI using the right .env file. I tested on hosted environment, and I’m sure my environment variables are set correctly and are accessible by the app.

When I’m using my local deployment through localhost, everything works well. But as soon as I use the app through my staging or production environment on Azure, I get this message “checks.state argument is missing”.

My Auth0 is setup correctly, I have set my callback URLs, allow origins and logout URLs to contain localhost and all my staging/production addresses.

I’ve read somewhere that it could be a problem with Cookies, I tried adding “SameSite=lax” instead of “none” but it didn’t solve the problem.

Can anybody please help me with this ? I’m at the end of my wits with this and clients are not happy :confused: