New Universal Login Window cutoff in React Native on IPad

We are using react-native-auth0 lib 2.1.0 on React Native 0.61.4 and when launching the auth0 New Universal Login window on the IPad the login window is cutoff (tested on both my new 7th gen IPad and client’s older gen iPad Pro as used in the screenshot below).

There seems to be no way to control the window height via react-native-auth0 lib. Is there anyway to prevent this from being cutoff? Reverting to the classic auth0 login window is not an option as far as our client is concerned.


Hey there!

How I would approach this is to raise the GitHub issue in our react repo that you use and then share the link to it with us here so we can work on it with the repo maintainers directly. Thanks!

Hi @konrad.sopala , issue has now been raised Thanks.

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Thanks for that! I just pinged repo maintainers about that!

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Widcket commented 2 hours ago

Hi @michaelbramwell, the window is managed by AuthenticationServices, the underlying iOS API used by the SDK. Unfortunately it does not expose any way to control the window’s presentation.

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Thank you for sharing this with the community!

No probs.
On the issue again - I have had a look at the Native IOS auth code and understand where Widcket is coming from; once the window is launched with the Apples auth container its no longer Auth0’s React Native lib’s responsibility.

However isn’t the Auth0 New Universal Login window Html within a webview? Meaning it could be responsively styled by the Auth0 team to fit within Apples fixed window size for IPad’s. This issue would be effecting every customer’s users where New Universal Login Window is used on iPad devices.

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