New Universal Login Welcome Text


I have a couple of questions, I’m moving from Classic Login to the New Universal Login, and I was checking if can hide a field, but didn’t find anything, so:

  1. Is is possible to hide login-id:welcome?

  2. How can I add a footer like the one in the next picture this in the new universal login?

Thanks in advance!

If I remember correctly, you should be able to set it as an empty string ("").

You can add things to the login page via the page templates API. Adding it directly to the login box like pictured will be difficult/not possible.

Hi @dan.woda,

I already tried setting it as empty string ("") and did not work, do you know other approach?

Thanks for the response!


Tried again with a string with an empty space (" ") and it worked.

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Glad you found a solution. Thanks for updating the thread.

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