New Universal Login Experience, users can't find sign up link

We use the New Universal Login with our tenant. One of the most answered user question we have is “How do I sign up for an account?” The signup link is buried all the way at the bottom of the form.

I am familiar with using the API to update the text on this form, and am hoping there is some variable which can be used to add a link to the login form perhaps in the description. Event to have a “header” with the 'Don’t have an account?" text and “Sign up” link would be supper helpful. I see no options for any of this.

Are there any suggestions on making it more prevalent on how to sign up for a new account?

Thank you!

Hi @brett2,

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Many customers choose to link their users directly to the hosted signup page with a button on their application.

Also, you should see a signup button on the hosted login page. Can you share a screenshot of yours?

We do link people directly to the sigh-up page. Though pages which require authentication will bring users to a login page and we would like it to be easier for them to sign up. I liked the tabbed approach, our form doesn’t have that.


Would you please DM me the name of your tenant?

Sorry for the confusion, the screenshot I linked with the tabs is Classic UL. Is switching Classic out of the question? I think that would be the least painful solution. I’m not sure there is a much better way with the customization options available in New UL (although there should be some in the future at some point).

I honestly don’t know as I don’t know what is involved in switching.

You should be able to switch by going to your dashboard -> Universal Login, -> click Classic -> click Save.

Then you will have to migrate any of your text or template customizations, these are things you have set with the templates API or text customization API. It looks like you have changed the title and description. There is no description option on the Classic UL UI, so you will have to think about how you want to handle that.

To change title in classic login, it requires a bit of javascript (this is one of the main differences between New and Classic). You will go to your dashboard -> Universal Login -> click the Login tab -> toggle Customize Login Page to on.

Here you will see the HTML and JS that initializes a lock widget. This is essentially just a hosted widget, you put the code you want to live on your login page in this box.

You can update the lock widget’s text by customizing the languageDictionary object. For example, add languageDictionary.title = "Welcome"; to the existing language dictionary object to change the welcome message.

Let me know if any of this needs elaborated on.

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