New Universal Login Experience Setting Fonts

Hi all,

I can’t find the details about the Management API which indicates on how we can update the font on our “New Universal Login Experience” page.

The documentation mentions:

  • You can configure the favicon URL and a custom font URL by using the Branding API.

This question was asked before, however it seems the solution isn’t correct as it links to the GET method rather than the PATCH method which would be used to update font.

According to this article 7, the new universal login experience allows you to set a custom font URL using the Branding API. However, the reference documents for the Branding API do not explain how to do this (e.g. what property to set on the JSON object passed to the UPDATE method).

How do you set the custom font URL using the Branding API?

Hey there!

Thanks for asking that. Indeed I checked the Branding API and there’s no option for setting the font only logo and favicon url. Let me reach out to that team to find out more about that!

However I found some discrepancy in what you reported that is written in the docs.

There is no mention about custom font.

Thanks Konrad, looks like the doc has since been updated to reflect he reality (of updating a favicon rather than a font).

If it is clear that we cannot change font in universal login, I’m happy.


Yep it seems that there was some change in the meantime. However I highly encourage you to file a feature request for that using our product feedback form: