Customize Fav Icon with Universal Login

Hi, I’ve seen a few closed posts here this closed post asking how to configure the login page’s favicon using the new universal login.

The docs for new universal login still say:

You can configure the favicon URL and a custom logo URL by using the Universal Login configuration page or the Branding API. To learn more, read Branding API .

However, the answer to the closed topic says you must customize the HTML to set the favicon. Is this still the case? When customizing using custom HTML, it replaces the universal login…thus would require someone to fully customize the experience in HTML to generate an experience similar to the Universal Login just to simply have a Fav Icon.

It seems like a low load to add a Fav Icon setting inside the Universal Login customization dashboard within Auth0 vs. asking a dev team to use the branding API in order to customize this small thing.


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+1 to this question. Seems strange to require a full HTML re-write simply to allow for a favicon.