Enabling "Customize Login Page" uses a different template / styling

Greetings, we’d like to add a custom favicon as well as add a line of text to the login screen. I understand the way to do this is to enable “Customize Login Page” under Dashboard → Branding → Universal Login → Advanced Options → Login. However when we enable it, it displays completely different styling. I tried selecting “Custom Login Form” from the “Default Templates” dropdown, but it still has different styling. It appears that the issue might be that it isn’t using the Customization Options which are configured under branding once you enable “Customize Login Page”.

We want to make just a couple small changes to the template which is used when “Customize Login Page” is disabled. How can we access this particular template? When enabling “Customize Login Page” are all the customization options then disregarded? I don’t see any way to make these additions without re-styling the whole template.

The first screenshot shows the login screen before enabling “Customize Login Page”… the second has it enabled.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 11.40.16 AM

Hi @dmart

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In terms of adding a line to the login screen you go to the Dashboard → Branding → Universal Login → Advanced Options → Custom Text and try to make changes that will suit your needs.

Unfortunately changing the favicon via the New Universal Login is not available and AFAIK, we do not currently have any plans to support setting the favicon via the Dashboard. If you need to set a custom favicon you can do it by Managment API → https://auth0.com/docs/customize/universal-login-pages/universal-login-page-templates and use a solution provided by on the community members from here How to define/change favicon of hosted pages?

I hope it will help you.
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Thanks, we were able to set the favicon though the management API.

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