Favicon not working on new Universal login

Setting up a New Universal Login with no customised HTML but using a custom domain, makes the favicon 404.

New Universal Login makes the browser assume there to be a favicon at https://[CUSTOM DOMAIN]/favicon.ico - and this is not available. This makes the browser render the default favicon, stall and report a 404 error in the network tab.

We would need a customisation option that can be made without customising the HTML, where we can specify a location for a favicon, similar to how we specify background image and logotype for the New Universal Login. (We would ideally need this option to be available in the deploy cli tool, or if not possible, via the console.)

We would like to avoid customising HTML is order to keep the HTML updated with your latest templates. We would like to avoid maintaining our own HTML for future browsers, html standards and best practises.

Can this be achieved?

I got response from support, putting it here for future references and general availability:

It's already possible to specify the location of a favicon through use of the Branding options in the Management API

PATCH /api/v2/branding


// Body sample

"colors": {
"primary": "",
"page_background": {}
"favicon_url": "",
"logo_url": "",
"font": {
"url": ""

You can also perform this favicon URL update via the Auth0 CLI command line interface:


auth0 universal-login update --favicon < URL for the favicon. Must use HTTPS >

I can also add that it’s possible to do via a0deploy script, something hard to figure out before you can add it manually and then do an export. It’s under branding like this in the root:

  favicon_url: https://example.com/favicon-32x32.png
  logo_url: https://example.com/logo.png
  templates: []
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