How can we customise the location of our preferred favicon?

Problem statement

We have configured New Universal Login within our tenant. New Universal Login makes the browser assume there to be a favicon at https://[CUSTOM DOMAIN]/favicon.ico - and this is not available. This makes the browser render the default favicon, stall and report a 404 error in the network tab.

We would need a customisation option that can be made without customising the HTML, where we can specify a location for a favicon, similar to how we specify background image and logotype for the New Universal Login.


The simplest way to specify the location of your preferred favicon URL update is to use the Auth0 CLI command line interface:

This command has the general form:

auth0 universal-login update --favicon < URL for the favicon. Must use HTTPS >

It’s also possible to specify the location of a favicon through use of the Branding options in the Management API

PATCH /api/v2/branding

// Body sample

  "colors": {
    "primary": "",
    "page_background": {}
  "favicon_url": "",
  "logo_url": "",
  "font": {
    "url": ""

However, in general, the Auth0 command line CLI is much simpler to use for this purpose and less prone to errors in use.

One final tip for newcomers to Auth0: do not confuse the Auth0 command line CLI with the auth0-deploy CLI. They are two completely different tools!