"Never on this device" for biometric enrollment

Feature: Allow permanent skip of biometric enrolment.

As a Customer
I want to be able to opt-out permanently from using biometric login
So that I don’t always have to click “not now” after login.

Currently if using New Universal Login and Biometric enabled, after each login user is prompted to enrol in biometric login. As a user I’d like to be able to tell “never” or at least “don’t ask for 30 days” or something. It is frustrating to having to click “not now” every time if I don’t want to be enrolled in biometric.

Use-case: When user logs in and doesn’t want to enrol in biometric, clicking “not now” every time is frustrating. Some users have concerns about that and they simply don’t want this option. There should be some way to prevent this enrolment to happen.

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