.NET + Vue old configuration seems valid but not working

Hi guys, I have tried to use configuration from old project which stack was Vue + .NET 5. Now i’m trying to use old configuration, but there is a problem: API always says the token is invalid. There is my configuration:

SPA APP for vue (everything working perfectly, getAccesTokenDirectly get the token and I send it but its wrong. Even when I try on swagger its says the token is invalid. )
Config on backend (I have tried using audience for test to clientId from SPA App but its only consumes Id token, where as far as I know its wrong approach, I have only used it manually on swagger to check it works or not.)

Tl;dr - vue generates access token perfectly, buy api doesnt recognize it, from previous tries It probably want to consume JWT Id token, and then it works.

AUth0 API:
and APP:

Idk really, whats wrong, I have mimic the set up (ofc auth0 services went down for previous services, but i mimic them too).