Vue SPA / Python API

Hey Everyone,
I’m looking for a little help…

I have a Vue SPA, I followed the Auth0 tutorial to get it hooked up. It seems to be working fine within the Vue application.

Now, I have a Python backend API that sends some data over to the Vue app. I want to protect certain routes on the backend. So I followed along with the Auth0 tutorial to set that up. However I’m having an issue, it seems the token I am getting from the Vue app is the opaque string and not a JWT? So my Python application is not able to use that.

How can I get a valid JWT instead of this opaque string? I have tried adding the audience param to both the Vue app and the Python backend, but it doesn’t seem to change the token sent over.

Any clarification or help would be much appreciated.

When authenticating a user from your Vue app, you need to set the audience as the api identifier of your backend api that should return you a JWT AccessToken

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