.NET MAUI Hybrid

Hello all,

has there been any development work in the direction of .NET MAUI Blazor in the meantime?
Or is there a way to deploy .NET MAUI a proper callback?

It would be great if you could give me a time frame, Microsoft wants to release Q2 this year.

We are currently working on our systems and are still in the development phase together with Auth0. That would be the point us to decide for you guys.

I am looking forward to future cooperation!

Hey there!

It seems like it’s been already asked:


Yes I am aware, but the post is from November 2021, so I ask for an update?

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Hey there!

Must have missed your message sorry for that. Unfortunately still I don’t have any update on that front.

Maui went GA today. What is the anticipated time frame for SDK development? We are trying to hold of switching our clients to another provider so this is very important. We already have multiple Maui apps ready for testing.

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I’m also interested in this. Would be awesome if Auth0 had something for MAUI BlazorWebView.


Also waiting for Auth0 with Maui, native AND Hybrid !

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Unfortunately still no update on that front. Will let you know once it’s there!

Thanks Konrad! This is critical to move forward!

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Hi Konrad,
This is also critical for our mobile strategy that rely on Maui. Do you have any visibility for this support, is it in your roadmap priorities, or should we switch to an other IDP for these mobile targets ?
Thanks for any informations !