should be compatible with dotnet maui

Feature: auth0 should be compatible with Maui at the earliest.

Description: All of the Xamarin.Forms apps will be converted to Maui as Microsoft has stopped new development on Xamarin.Forms. The Maui App development framework is in preview currently. It is a evolution of Xamarin.Forms. Maui will be GA(Generally Available) around April, 2022.

Use-case: I am currently using Auth0 in a Xamarin.Forms app. This will allow the developers to test their apps before the GA(General Availability) of maui.

Thank you for creating this feedback card! Let’s see who else from community will be interested in such stack addition!

I am looking for the same feature, especially on how to authenticate using Auth0 in combination with Maui + Blazor Webview, this is currently blocking me from using Auth0 as our preferred authentication solution in our enterprise app.


Due to same issue I am planning to replace auth0 with some other provider

Hey there everyone!

Sorry to hear that! I’m gonna advocate for that for you internally

Hi, did you make any progress with this? I am busy trying to do the same thing, my thought is to authenticate like I would a Xamarin Forms app and then somehow pass the Bearer on to the BlazorWebView

I contacted auth0 support for this feature. The reply that I got from them is this:

Engineering is aware of the shift from Xamarin Forms to MAUI and has done some initial discovery already. We will initially hold off doing any specific SDK development prior to the MAUI GA release.


Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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