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.Net Core Virtual Applications Looping Issue



I have an application I created and used your quick start to add authorization, this is at the root of the site. I then created a virtual application that has the same security settings but is hosted at /Bookings. When I login to bookings everything works fine. When I login to the root and go back to bookings the application gets stuck in a loop and cycles states. In the Auth0 log it shows that user keeps getting authorized. I was wondering if there is a correct way to have the root application authorize the user and the other sites look for the token and if it is not present it will force the user to login. Any help would be appreciated.


:wave: @acaky is it possible for your to share how you implemented authorization for the applications? We have some documentation on SSO for ASP.NET Core which will allow logging in to one application and then be signed in to other applications automatically. I believe this should work the same for your virtual applications. Let me know if this helps and what else we can do to get your applications working!


Thanks so much for getting back to me. I just built the other applications using the quick start instructions. I was under the impression that it would work with SSO. Is there much of a difference in the setup? When I build separate applications the SSO worked fine. When using virtual applications it seems to cause issues with looping. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.




:wave: @acaky were you able to solve your SSO issue for virtual applications?