NET CORE + Jquery

Hey Guys!

I just started implementing Auth0 for the first time, but sadly I’m on deep waters.
I’m using VanillaJS Login, and .NET CORE 2 Web Api sample packages - just to figure out how this works.

So atm. i can login on my SPA(Html, JS sample page) - but i dont know how i make it communicate with my .NET CORE Web Api - i would like to do it with Jquery.

At the moment i get the token in the URL when i login - but from there i would need to send it to another page + validating the token, but to be honest i have no clue how.

I hope there’s a friendly soul out there who would guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Please review our plain Javascript sample… it also show using XMLHttpObject to call apis.

It should be pretty straight forward to throw jQuery in there.

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