Need to send "MFA enrollment invitation" to a user through management API

Hi there, I need to provide this functionality on our system through management API, so our customer support won’t have to access auth0 directly, and can use our internal tool for this feature. Can you please guide me to the right api that provides this? I already implemented the mfa reset through management API endpoint

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Hi @narges.fallahi ,

Thank you for posting this query on Auth0 Community!

I understand that you want to send an email notification to users to enroll in MFA from the Management API. I tested with the below steps and it works.

  1. find a user who is not enrolled in MFA yet and has the “MFA is enabled for this user. Send an enrollment invitation” under Details.

  2. In Management API Auth0 Management API v2, the body field, add scripts like below and click Try.

“identity”: {
“user_id”: “2001a1b4727621d1a64a404a”,
“provider”: “auth0”
  1. Click on “confirm” in the received email.

  2. Check in user details, it shows user is enrolled in MFA.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if any other queries.

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@lihua.zhang what you mentioned here just sends a verify your email address email. the email i’m looking for to send is titles " Invitation to enroll in Multifactor Authentication"

@narges.fallahi ,

Unfortunately, users can not send the “invitation to enroll in Multi-factor Authentication” from Management API. If you want to see this feature in the future release, please create a feedback here.

As an alternative, the details I provided previously can get users enrolled in MFA by sending emails from the Management API.

Please feel free to reply if any further queries.



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