Need to implement multi tenancy application


We are planning to integrate the auth0 platform into our product for the OIDC platform also we have a mobile application as well which is connected to the rest API using the next.js and Postgres database.

We are planning to implement this product as a white label with multitenant architecture, so any new customer can use the existing product without changing the existing architecture.

Below are our use cases:

Super admin role: Only the super admin can add a new organisation, new admin for a new organisation and assign the admin role to auth0 and can view and update the auth0 dashboard.

Admin role: Admin can access the auth0 dashboard for specific applications/organizations only and can do the CRUD operation on roles, users, and permission only to specific organisations only.
This is a kind of organization-specific admin who can see only his own data only the auth0 dashboard.

User role: Different kinds of roles are assigned to users and able to login into auth0, they can see the auth0 dashboard based on permission assigned to them.

We have our own Postgres database as well which contains organization and user-specific data as well.

Based on roles and they can access database fields using next js rest API using the mobile application.

Please help me to understand how this would work.
I have a little bit confused about auth0-tenant and organization structure regarding the multitenancy architecture.

Hey there!

This is quite a complex case and it will be difficult to consult it here in the forum. What I would encourage you to do is to make us of our Professional Services: